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During the pre-historic times, there weren't a lot of things to do. Yes, you could hunt, cook food, eat dinosaurs and paint some caves. Most of the time though, cavemen were pretty much bored.

However, one day, a very resourceful caveman (his name was Ug) came up with an ingenious idea - a video store!

Yes, a video store. Since Ug's store was the only one existing, in fact it was probably the first video store ever, thousands of other cavemen flocked to it trying to rent videos. Unfortunately, since the TV wasn't invented yet, no one could watch the videos. Also, since TV wasn't invented yet, VHS players weren't invented yet, so there was no machine to actually play the video tapes. Not to mention that there were no videos at all, since the video camera wasn't invented yet.

So Ug's video store wasn't actually making any money. But that wasn't really a problem, since money wasn't invented yet too. Because of this, the video store stayed afloat...for a long, long time.

Eventually, the camera was invented, TV was invented, the VHS player came along too, and Ug's business thrived. In fact, today, Ug's store also rents out Laserdiscs and DVD's. You want to check out Ug's store? It's actually named after the pre-historic period when Ug lived...

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