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Big Mak

"Good morning, how may I help you?"

"I'd like some Prents Pry."

"You mean french fries, sir?"

"Dat's right. French Fries. And a Kuk."

"You mean Coke, sir?"

"Yes, Coke. And also Pankek."

"You mean Pancake sir, but that's only for breakfast sir."

"Oh, sury. Pancake is right. Hows about Epols Pie?"

"Sir, you mean Apple Pie."

"Right Agen! Now, my last order is Big Mak."

"No sir, that's Big Mac."

"NO! Dat's Big Mak!"

"No sir, it's Big Mac with a letter c!"

"Who are you to tell me what I want? I want Big Mak!"

"No sir, I'm just telling you that you want a Big Mac."

"You're wrong! I want a Big Mak!"

"Sir, it's BIG MAC with a C!"

"NO! It's a BIG MAK with a K!"

"OH! I get it sir. I think you better check the restaurant outside. It's probably the one you want..."

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