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Tripple B


Just finished our long Holy Week vacation. Did nothing, which suited us fine, since we didn't want to do anything. Which is partly the reason why the Store of the Week is late. (We're very sorry, really!) Anyway, things are picking up slowly, but fortunately, we haven't ran out of stores yet.

Okay, the store this week is a big mystery to us. We don't know who owns it or what it stands for. Here are some of our intelligent guesses, which took us all of 5 minutes to come up with:

  1. Bobong Belez owned
  2. Bic-Bic Billabicencio owned
  3. Bery Bad Bistro
  4. Bentahan ng Beef at Baboy
  5. Big Big Boy, the bigger branch than the one in Fort

That's all we could think of. However, if you do know what it stands for, or you may also have your intelligent guesses, send them in, and we'll be glad to feature it next time!

Happy Easter folks!

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