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Eat Asia

Yes folks, we're late again in updating Store of the Week. Give us a break! I mean, it's not like we're getting paid to do this thing! Huh?! Huh?! (Just getting some angst and anger out). You see, in order for us to deliver consistent, high quality content -- quality that you guys deserve, we sometimes need to take some more time. (Great excuse, right?) Okay, okay, we're really sorry and we'll try our best not to do it again. Just please don't get mad at us, okay?

With that, we go to our current (ta-da-da-da-da-dah!!!) Store of the Week!!! (Say with booming voice.)

People like eating. We like eating. Filipinos like eating. Asians like eating. Heck, even dogs like eating. (We're getting to the point here...) So, it's no small wonder that our featured store is a restaurant. But hey, not just any restaurant -- it's a restaurant for people who want to eat all types of Asian food. Yep, as their name suggests, they offer everything Asian - Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Cambodian, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, Bruneian, Indonesian, Papua New Guinean, Myanmaran, and every Asian country you can think of! What a deal folks! It's the ultimate restaurant! It's the greatest! It's da bomb!

So drive on by Shaw Boulevard and check it out folks! And when you're done eating at Eat Asia, and maybe you've eaten too many beans, you can go across the street to release some...

Gas Asia

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