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We now take you to one of our reporters who is reportedly inside the Bottlezone store, where currently, a fierce battle is taking place.

"Mobile number 1, can you read me, over?"

"Base, I can read you, but my name is not 'Over', over"

"I know Mobile number 1, what's the situation down there right now, over?"

"Base, I repeat: my name is not 'Over'. The current situation is critical - there's been a lot of damage in the store, and broken bottles are everywhere! Their on the floor, on the bar, on the chairs, inside the shelves - and their all broken, Base! It's horrible! And both sides are not yet quitting - the security guards are behind the bar, where a number of bottles are still not broken. The terrorists are hiding behind a shelf. Both of the sides are still throwing bottles at each other. Its utter chaos!! Over."

"Mobile number 1, it looks like a dangerous situation. What else is happening, over?"

"Base, who is this 'Over' that you keep referring to? Oh no! A terrorist is taking out a bazooka! He plans to blast the security guards! This is horrible! The terrorist is about to fire...he tripped! The terrorist has tripped on the broken glass and has accidentally launched a missile from his bazooka! The missile has hit the shelves behind the bar, Base! It has broken all the bottles behind the bar! What's this? In the cofusion, the security guards have taken this opportunity and have attacked the terrorists! They succeeeded in disarming them! Hooray!!! The terrorists are now raising their arms up in surrender. The security guards are victorious! The guards won!!!!"

"Mobile number 1, can you interview one of the guards, over?"

"Base, that is not funny. For the nth time, my name is not 'Over!' Or maybe you're saying 'Rover?' Do you think I'm a dog? Stop calling me names or I'll go over there and kick your butt! Well, anyway, here's one of the security guards...Guard! Guard! What can you say about this battle?"

"Well , it was hard and difficult. But we managed to pull through. The terrorists won the bottles, but not the bar."

The next store will come out on November 7, 1999.

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