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We're sure it's happened to you before. You're just cruising around town, looking out the car window, and you suddenly see a store that catches your attention. And you say, "Hey, that store's really happenin'!" (Well, maybe not the exact words...)  Why? Because its name is funny or interesting (or maybe downright weird). Because you have no idea how in the world someone would come up with such a store name. It boggles the mind (well ours at least). 

And this started us on the site Store of the Week. Well actually, it is difficult finding stores with unique store names - you really have to travel around and ask a lot of people. Not to mention going to the store and taking a photograph....That's why it takes all of two (2) weeks per new store. So we kinda/sorta/maybe lied about the name - it's actually Store of 2 weeks. But well, hopefully you're too busy to really mind... 

Well, we hope you like the site. Sign the guestbook if you wish, just to let us know if you have any opinions on the site. (Whether negative or positive...hopefully positive!) Otherwise, we can be reached at Thanks for visiting and come back soon!!!

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