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Wash Up Dock

Happy New Millenium!!!

For the Millenium issue of Store of the Week (or should I say, Store of the Month! Yes, I know, we're late again, as usual), we'd like to tell you something about those Looney characters - you know, Bugs and Daffy.

We all know that Bugs and Daffy are always fighting with each other, as evidenced in Looney Tunes cartoons. What people don't know is that outside of the screen, (yes, despite what your parents may say, toons do live normal lives when they're not doing cartoons - see the Roger Rabbit movie) Bugs and Daffy are good friends.

How do I know? Well, you know Bugs Bunny's favorite line "What's up Doc?" It's actually a misconception - Bugs actually says "What's up Duck?", referring to his feathered (or lack thereof) friend. But, hey, this is not our story for today.

Our story for today is where Bugs Bunny has his clothes washed. Yup, if Goofy has Pagoofyt, Bugs has...tadah! Wash Up Dock! But waittaminute - Bugs doesn't wear anything. Which leads me to another question - why are Looney Tunes characters naked while Disney characters aren't? Hmmm...things that make you go hmmm...but that's another story...

I will not forecast when the next store will come out. I have no sense of future...I do not look at time...time is immaterial...there is no past, present or future...

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