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Pan for All

Everyone knows that the Three Musketeers were a really cool bunch. They carried swords, had dangerous adventures, fought a lot of battles, and defended the poor and the oppressed. And of course, we all know their favorite motto (and since all of us know it, I won't mention it for now...)

However, not a lot of people know that there was a shortage of food during the Three Musketeer's time. No, really! And, actually, most of them ate bread, if there were any. And so, a very enterprising enterpreneur entered (hey, cool! Enter-taining!) the scene and enterduced ... ahem ... introduced the...(tadah!) Pandesal! Yes, folks, the pandesal, with its fantastic taste, was such a hit that it began selling like hotcakes. Hmmm... now that I've mentioned it, do hotcakes really sell? I mean, if hotcakes were really hot (?), how come it's only sold at a few stores? And what's the difference between a hotcake and a pancake? Argghh!

Anyway, getting back to pandesal, it was such a hit that the Musketeers decided to change their motto to match their love for the lowly Pandesal. And that's where the store name of this week came from. Yep, from the Three Musketeers. Pan for all (signifying the Musketeers dedication to the poor and the oppressed, and their mission to feed them), and all for Pan (signifying their love for the pandesal.)

Hmmm...or maybe it's a pun on fun? (Get it, pun and fun? Forget it.) So it's actually saying Fun for All? Now I'm confused. Well, who cares?!! That's the store, and that's the end of our write-up for this week. Cheers!

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