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Okay, okay, so we messed up. We messed up big time. We didn't update the website for 1 whole month. Yes, folks, one whole month! We're really sorry (again!) - It was a combination of several excuses...We mean factors: One, we didn't take enough pictures of stores. Two - we ran out of film. Three - My dog ate the film. Four - We had to watch TV.'s not working, is it?

To make up for our big boo-boo, we'll be featuring not just one store, folks, but two! Yes, we'll say it again - not just one store, but two! Count that - one, two! Now isn't that absolutely fantastic? Are you still mad at us? C'mon, please?

Okay, let's start. We specially picked the store for this week for you guys. Yep, our loyal subscribers. You know who you are. Yes, you, the one reading this write-up right now! You! We'd like to express our gratitude for always checking up on us, surfing to our website, appreciating our sick humor, not writing on our guestbook, not subscribing to our e-mail updates, whoops...better not go overboard. Anyway, replace the words in italics in the next paragraph with the name of our store of the week:

On behalf of the Store of the Week staff, we'd like to say store name. Store name for your support for our website. Store name for appreciating us when no one else did. Store name for visiting us consistently, never wavering, never questioning. Store name, Store name. Store name for the music, the songs we're la la la la...

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