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Some people can come up with amazing ideas. Take for example the inventor of the light switch. No, not Thomas Edison, but the other guy that helped Edison turn the damn light on and off. And nope, I don't know his name. But let's talk about what he did. There was electricity, and there was the light bulb. Now putting them together is easy enough, but there's a bit of a risk. Without a light switch, all of us would have to mess with wires and screws and stuff, and we might actually end up electrocuting ourselves and frying our brains off. (Which wouldn't be the least bit pleasing.)

Now what's that got to do with our store for this week? Absolutely nothing. Well, actually a bit of something. I mean take a laundry shop. You bring your clothes in, put them inside the washing machine, sit around while your clothes are being washed, take them out and go home. Utter boredom, I say.

Then take a restaurant - let's say a restaurant that offers cinammon rolls. You go in, order your meal, sit around, finish your food, and get out. Utter boredom again. But then, combine these two together - laundry shop and cinammon roll restaurant, and what do you get? A laundry-cinammon shop! Amazing idea, huh? Yes folks - Utter boredom + Utter boredom = Non-boredom! Fantastic! You come in, put your laundry in the machine, order a meal, sit around, finish your meal, pick up your laundry and go home! Waittaminute...that doesn't sound too exciting too. Hmmm...maybe it's not such a good idea. But well, hey life's not perfect. Just check out the store, will you!

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